Simplify, simplify, simplify


      Simplify? I’m trying Mr. Thoreau. I’m trying. Really. It’s not easy. We’ve been in this house for only seventeen years, but it’s the longest we’ve ever lived anywhere, and the clutter is piling up. Pretty soon we will be asked to appear on that show about hoarders. That bad.

      I have to admit, it’s not all my husband’s fault. Although I happen to believe his stuff is junk, and my things are rare and important objects of art. Okay, maybe not.

      What we’re trying to do is consider each thing we own and decide if it’s really necessary. Is it useful? Does it make our lives better? Would we miss it if it disappeared?

      William Morris, the leader of the arts and crafts movement away from Victorian bric-a-brac toward good design, suggested we rid our homes of everything that is neither useful nor beautiful.

      Some things we own are neither beautiful or useful. We have antique dining room furniture I bought in Buenos Aires many years ago.  We have no dining room. It’s not really useful now, but I intend to keep it. That’s that. End of discussion.

My Air Force pilot husband bought swords and spears from all over the world. They are now stored in our attic where they’ve been for years. He doesn’t remember where they’re from, and I never knew. They have to go. My husband retired from the military years ago. His uniforms still hang in the closet. Are they beautiful? No. Are they useful? Hardly. Would I ask him to get rid of them? Never. 

I admit my rescue terrier isn’t very useful. Most people would not consider her beautiful. Does she have to go? Over my dead body.

I unloaded a set of china on my daughter-in-law. Oops! Sorry Teresa. I graciously bestowed a set of china to my children. *Cough. Cough* Now, if I could just interest them in this dining room furniture.

Any suggestions? How do you simplify? Is it even possible?

I’m just saying…

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  1. Flylady says,,,
    If you. . .
    haven’t worn it in the past year
    —toss it,
    don’t love it
    —toss it,
    it doesn’t bring you joy
    —toss it.
    Trying real hard to stick to her guidelines. It is hard, hard, hard.

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