You’d be surprised how many people have never heard this. I’m not saying we were poor growing up, but I will say this, if we weren’t it’s because my grandparents were thrifty. They were generous people. They gave to their church, took care of the family, and were there for friends and neighbors in need. But they were careful people. They knew value, and they got it.

My grandmother was something of a belle. You know, stylish dresser, never a bad hair day. But she made her dresses out of flower printed feed sacks. Now we would call it Laura Ashley style flowered prints. She did her own hair and  combed it into a loose Gibson before she went out to feed her chickens in the morning. She made a jumper for me out of one of my granddad’s old suits and a “Laura Ashley” blouse to wear with it. I couldn’t have felt better about myself if she had shopped at Saks on Fifth Avenue.

Farmer or not, I’m betting you recycle more than you think you do. Do you squeeze the toothpaste until nothing is left in the tube? Swish a little water in the just emptied can of tomatoes to stretch it for the spaghetti sauce?

Do you know some other smart ideas about how to Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without?  Will you share your ideas? My budget could use a boost.

I’m just sayin’…

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